XCSoar 6.1 released!

The XCSoar developers are proud to announce the release of XCSoar 6.1!

Some highlights:

  • route suggestions to avoid airspaces and mountains
  • the terrain reach line/shade now considers turning around mountains
  • runway directions can be displayed on the map
  • new task manager
  • new task types
  • multiple start points are back
  • instant score calculation for XContest, DHV-XC, SIS-AT
  • new InfoBox configuration dialog, new layouts for large screens
  • Android display rotation (automatic and manual)
  • many performance improvements
  • many many small features, too many to list here

Change log:




There have been 3,656 code changes since version XCSoar 6.0. Many people have worked on version 6.1 (in the order of their appearance):

Tobias Bieniek, John Wharington, Olaf Hartmann, Max Kellermann, Gabor Liptak, Simon Taylor, Helmut J. Rohs, Luis Fernando Rigato Vasconcellos, Roman Stoklasa, Brtko Peter, Miguel Valdiri Badillo, Rob Dunning, Michal Jezierski, Andreas Pfaller, Mateusz Zakrzewski, Monika Brinkert, Alexander Caldwell, Arnaud Talon, Florian Reuter, Claus-W. Häbel, Tobias Lohner, Matthew Turnbull, Kevin Ford, Nikolay Dikiy, Milan Havlik, Christophe Mutricy, Filip Novkoski, Dobrovolsky Ilya, Niklas Fischer, Philipp Wollschlegel, Szombathelyi Zoltán, Morten Jensen, Quint Segers, Mario Souza, Rolf Lindgren, Sylvain Burger, Adrien Ott, Rob Hazes, Levan Chikobava, Karel Srot, Joop Gooden, Júlio Cezar Santos Pires, Paolo Pelloni, Thomas Amland, Krzysztof Kajda, Mirek Jezek, Joachim Wieland, David Reitter

The next maintenance release will be 6.1.1, to be released on demand. The next major release will be 6.2, scheduled for July 2011. The 6.0 branch is hereby discontinued.