XCSoar Map Generator Update

We have updated our Map Generator server today and that means some new features for everyone. Next to a few minor bugfixes there are three new major features:

  • SeeYou CUP:
    Previously you have been able to pass a Cambridge/WinPilot DAT file to the Map Generator and it would compute the map boundaries automatically. The same works now too for SeeYou CUP files! If you choose this option the waypoint file will actually be embedded in the map file, so you don’t even have to load a seperate waypoint file anymore

  • Compressed topography:
    Where size matters, compression is a useful thing, so we implemented a user option to enable compression for the topography data. The map file size will be reduced by around 60% when enabling this option, but keep in mind that in this case XCSoar needs to decompress the data while drawing the topography, which might lead to a slightly slower system.

  • Level of detail:
    You may now choose how much topography features would like to have in your map. Depending on the population in you area it might make sense not to include every single village but only the big cities or in other areas exactly that data is needed because bigger cities are further away.

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