XCSoar 6.2_alpha2 released!


here’s another preview version of XCSoar 6.2. There are dozens of major changes and optimisations since the first alpha. Perhaps the most important new feature is the new Android IOIO device driver some of you have been waiting for.

The CPU usage of the Android version has been reduced: on my Streak, it runs at 9% CPU usage (previously it was 40%). Look forward to longer battery runtime!

Altair+Vega users have better responsiveness of the vario gauge. We hope that all regressions since 5.2.4 have been fixed by now. The Vega configuration dialog is still broken, though, but one of our developers is working on that.

Change log:




The next major release will be 6.2, going beta soon.
The 6.1 series will be discontinued after the final release 6.2.