XCSoar 6.2 released!

Hi everyone,

the XCSoar developers are proud to announce the release 6.2!

Some highlights:

  • flight download from CAI302 and IMI ERIXX
  • Android IOIO driver
  • new fast and accurate wind algorithm (requires airspeed)
  • better airspace warnings (horizontal and vertical distance)
  • better profile support
  • many optimisations, for increased battery runtime
  • … and many more

Apologies for the outdated user manual. Updating it for the new 6.2 features is one of our next goals.

Change log:




There have been 2,282 code changes since XCSoar version 6.1. Many people have worked on version 6.2 (in the order of their appearance):

Max Kellermann, Karel Srot, Adrien Ott, Rob Dunning, Tobias Bieniek, Morten Jensen, Matthieu Gaulon, Olaf Hartmann, Tom Stepleton, Szombathelyi Zoltán, Simon Taylor, Helmut J. Rohs, Gabor Liptak, John Wharington, Philipp Wollschlegel, Christophe Mutricy, Masahiro Mori, Andreas Pfaller, Geir Gronlien, Mirek Jezek, Scott Penrose, Мирзаева Асаль, Quentin Henriet, David Ouillères, Paulo Coimbra, Strahov Nikita, Helmut Rohs, Michal Jezierski, Richard Pecl

The next maintenance release will be 6.2.1, to be released on demand. The next major release will be 6.3. The 6.1 branch is hereby discontinued.