XCSoar 6.2.4 released!

Merry christmas everyone,

we’ve got a present for you. XCSoar 6.3 is still under development but today we release XCSoar 6.2.4. This release has a lot of old bugs fixed and it might just be the most stable version of XCSoar ever. If you still experience any crashes or think that the numbers that you get are wrong please tell us!

Besides these bugfixes we have also improved the support of the Borgelt B800 and the Flytec devices. Many thanks to Flytec, who have supplied us with a device for testing. Last but not least, we also have another language translation now: Korean. Thanks to Mike Myungha Kuh for that!





The next maintenance release will be 6.2.5, to be released on demand.
The next major release will be 6.3, to be released around january.