XCSoar 6.3_alpha1 released!

Hi everyone!

We have just released the first preview version of XCSoar 6.3 to show you what we’ve been working on lately. We are now concentrating on fixing the remaining bugs and will release the final version of XCSoar 6.3 very soon.

Here is a short overview of what has changed compared to XCSoar 6.2:

  • faster OLC calculations
  • a serial port monitor
  • Flarm IGC file downloads
  • Westerboer VW921 and FlyNet vario support
  • new “MapItem” list when clicking on the map
  • two-finger panning on Android
  • improved METAR parsing
  • kinetic scrolling on some platforms
  • UTM coordinate format
  • experimental DPI-aware dialogs
  • fullscreen mode for Linux
  • LiveTrack24 tracking
  • baro. sensor support on Android devices.

And there are even a few more things that I didn’t mention here. Feel free to test this version and report back if you like what we’ve done. Keep in mind though that this is an alpha version and it might not be completely stable yet. If you find any bugs please tell us, so that we can fix them for the final release. An additional hint for all Android users: You can install the testing version in parallel without having to uninstall the stable version!

Change log:




The next maintenance release will be 6.2.6, to be released on demand. The next major release will be 6.3, going beta soon.