XCSoar 6.3_alpha3 released!

Hi again!

Seems we are on a run today… This is the third alpha version of XCSoar 6.3. We are getting closer to the beta phase with every day and the stable version should be here by the start of the season. Please test this version as much as you can to identify any remaining problems.

This release has a few new features for you. Users of the K6BT module will love to hear that XCSoar is now able to switch the baudrate of the module directly. We have also improved the LX and Volkslogger device drivers. Previously the transfer connection to LX devices was timing out when in the flight list dialog. This problem should be fixed now. Our flight download code is still not quite as perfect as we wish it would be, but we are working on improving that!

If you notice that XCSoar doesn’t have support for your device yet (Zander ZS1 for example) please contact the manufacturer and ask them to cooperate with us by sending us the necessary documentation to implement these features.

Change log:




The next maintenance release will be 6.2.7, to be released on demand.
The next major release will be 6.3, going beta soon.