XCSoar 6.3.3 released!

Hi everyone!

Another week, another release. This new version fixes a few bugs that came up lately and tries to improve two known problems.

First of all we hopefully reduced the risk of XCSoar getting killed by the Android Activity Manager. And the new vario filtering that was introduced in XCSoar 6.3.2 was also rewritten and hopefully works even better now. Please give us feedback on those two items!

Besides these two there were several bugs fixed. In some cases XCSoar crashed on Android because it had too many network failures when trying to use the live tracking functionality. Another problem occured when using the IGC files for the OLC, because the “flat line” before takeoff was unfortunatly missing from the IGC files and due to that the OLC wasn’t able to detect the takeoff properly.

You can read about the other bugfixes in our changelog (now with ticket numbers !):




The next maintenance release will be 6.3.4, to be released on demand.
The next major release will be 6.4, scheduled in about two to three months.