XCSoar 6.4_preview5 released!

Hi everyone!

We have just uploaded another preview version for all Android users. This version includes a first attempt of an audio vario. It works with pure GPS too but you will get the best results if you have a device with a built-in barometric sensor. Since not everyone needs this feature it is disabled by default. You can enable it by visiting the “Setup System” dialog on the “Gauges > Vario” page.

Feel free to tell us your opinion on this new feature!

Please note that this feature is only available on Android and the Unix version so far, and that this preview version is only released for the Android platform for now. While testing, please be aware that this is an experimental version and it might not be as stable as XCSoar 6.3.4 right now.



The next maintenance release will be 6.3.5, to be released on demand.
The next major release will be 6.4, scheduled in about two months.