XCSoar 6.4_alpha1 released!

Hi everyone!

Here comes the first preview version of XCSoar 6.4. While the Android users have had the chance to watch our progress for some time now, this first alpha release is also for the other platforms.

Here is a short overview of what has changed compared to XCSoar 6.3:

  • FLARM setup dialog
  • new GliderTools Altimeter and Compass C-Probe driver
  • improved LXNav V7 and Nano support and new setup dialog
  • configurable airspace rendering
  • “Airspace On/Off” button in the menu
  • METAR stations shown on the map
  • “dots for sink” trail styles (similar to Condor)
  • FLARM teammates are saved in the profile
  • configurable map item list
  • show screen gestures while drawing them
  • first iteration of a file download manager
  • automatic altitude and wind arrow infoboxes

and most important for our Android users that have devices with built-in barometric sensors:

  • audio vario output (only Android 2.3 and above)

But these are just the most prominent and visible changes, there were quite a few changes under the hood again to increase the stability of the application and to allow us to extend XCSoar even further. Please test this version and report any bugs that you might find, but keep in mind that this is an alpha version and we can’t guarantee that it is as stable as XCSoar 6.3 yet. I hope you like what we did and if you disagree, feel free to contribute to the project in any way that you can. That not only includes developing but also promotion, testing, translating and other things.

Change log:




The next maintenance release will be 6.3.9, to be released on demand. The next major release will be 6.4, going beta soon.