SkyLines Live Tracking

One major feature of XCSoar 6.4 will be SkyLines Live Tracking. I would like to introduce you to it.

SkyLines implements a very light-weight tracking protocol that transmits only 48 bytes for each fix, opposed to hundreds of bytes for other protocols. It works better when the connection is flaky (and it usually is in a glider!), because it does not require a complicated handshake between client and server. It transmits not only your position, but also altitude, speed, vario, engine noise level.

Due to these advantages, you can easily set the tracking interval to only a few seconds, and make the word “live” in “live tracking” credible.

The web interface is under heavy construction. We can always use some help developing it!

How to use:

This feature is only available on Android. You need an internet connection during the flight, so be sure to put your SIM card into your device. As soon as XCSoar detects take-off, it will transmit your location to the SkyLines server.

Take care, this transmits data over your mobile connection. This may cost you money. Be sure to have a data plan.