XCSoar 6.4_alpha2 released!

Dear Sir or Madam,

we hereby present you: XCSoar 6.4… well… actually just the second alpha version, sorry! ;)

We have however added a few small new features that you can test now. Several people have been complaining that a simple “GoTo” takes too many clicks since the “Map Items” list was introduced. We have added a “GoTo” button directly in this list dialog now and hope that this will simplify things for you.

We have also improved the LX V7/Nano support again. This release of XCSoar will be able to work with the upcoming firmware update (2.01) for the LX V7, which makes it much easier to detect and configure the device that is providing the V7 with GPS information (e.g. the LX Nano).

We had slightly changed the audio vario sound parameters for the last release and some pilots had mixed feelings about that. This new version will let you configure them yourself through the usual configuration dialog.

There is one important change now for all users that have gotten used to the final glide infobox mode: We have made this mode optional and the default is now to disable it. That means that if you want a special set of infoboxes for the final glide you will have to activate that option explicitly after installing this release!

Aside from these new things a few bugs have been fixed. There was for example a problem in the first alpha version with waypoint files that included umlauts and other special characters. This should be fixed now!

Change log:




The next maintenance release will be 6.3.9, to be released on demand. The next major release will be 6.4, going beta soon.