XCSoar 6.3.9 released!

Hi everyone!

Here comes one last maintenance release of the XCSoar 6.3 branch before we enter the beta-testing phase of the upcoming XCSoar 6.4. A small number of bugs were fixed in this release including one potential crash, when using custom “status files”. The airspeed parsing of the VW921 is fixed too, which was reading the values with the wrong units, due to a bug in the official documentation.

Unfortunately our old server has died completely in the meantime and the last backup was a few days old. If you feel that any tickets or comments are missing from the bug tracker please try to reproduce them. Our forum is still offline, but we are working on reviving it in the near future.





The next maintenance release will be 6.3.10, to be released on demand.
The next major release will be 6.4, scheduled for next month.