XCSoar 6.4.1 released!

Hi everyone!

One month after we’ve given you XCSoar 6.4, we’ve just release the first maintenance version for the 6.4 branch. I’ve used 6.4 myself on two competitions last month and I was very happy with it. There were however a few minor things that were bugging me, so we’ve fixed them:

  • “Final GR” infobox is fixed
  • Flarm Team Colors are properly saved in the profile
  • Flarm targets are shown properly in the Map Item List
  • A few device drivers have been fixed
  • Bluetooth support for Windows CE is fixed/improved
  • Airspace arc resolution is improved (more on that later!)

You can read about the rest of the fixes in our change log:




The next maintenance release will be 6.4.2, to be released on demand. The next major release will be 6.5, around the end of the year.