XCSoar 6.4.6 released!

Merry christmas and a happy new year!

This is the first new release of XCSoar this year and it fixes a few minor bugs in all different places:

  • Several device drivers were updated, including Leonardo, C-Probe and the Glidertools Altimeter
  • On some WinCE devices the serial port caused a lockup when the application was closed, which should be fixed now. (Thanks for that to our new developer Stefan Lofgren)
  • The airspace file parser has received a bit of our time to make it more robust. It is now even able to handle the complicated airspace structure around Syracuse in the United States.

There were a few more fixes and you can read about the rest in our change log:




The next maintenance release will be 6.4.7, to be released on demand.
The next major release will be 6.5, sometime in the near future.