XCSoar 6.5_beta1 released!

The development of XCSoar 6.5 is finished, and the beta test begins today. We will now concentrate on fixing the last remaining bugs, and the final 6.5 release will be ready soon.

List of changes since alpha2:

  • new page editor
  • pages with cross section below the map
  • pages with FLARM radar or thermal assistant instead of map
  • new traffic list dialog, combines FLARM and SkyLines traffic
  • SkyLines tracking on Windows CE 5
  • updated handicap list
  • many manual updates, workaround for Acroread bug
  • terrain rendering bug on Android fixed
  • route planner crash fixed
  • start point calculation bug fixed
  • consistent InfoBox naming: “Altitude MSL” vs “Height AGL” according to ICAO standard
  • new translation: Hebrew