XCSoar 6.7 released

We are proud to announce the new major version 6.7! We have been working for five months on this release. There were 1,715 individual changes by 40 contributors since version 6.6. More than 7,000 people have installed the pre-releases on Android via Google Play (we don’t know how many people downloaded directly from our web site).


  • XCSoar now runs on the Kobo e-book readers
  • show “arm advance” button when manual arming is necessary
  • improved MAT task support
  • support the OLC/DMSt 500km triangle threshold
  • “retrospective task” analysis
  • improved wind accuracy
  • enabling/disabling devices on-the-fly
  • driver for Cambridge L-Nav
  • connect via TCP to receive NMEA
  • IOIO via OpenAccessory (Android 4.x)
  • support USB host mode and USB-RS232 adapters on the Nook
  • enable fast refresh mode on Nook Simple Touch
  • lots of bug fixes