XCSoar 6.8_alpha9 released

The ninth alpha release of the upcoming XCSoar version 6.8 has been released.

Changes since 6.8_alpha8:

  • store user-edited waypoints and markers in “user.cup”
  • markers can be used in tasks and for “goto”
  • obey the maximum start speed
  • fix bogus value in “Nearest Airspace H” InfoBox
  • add “Next arrow” InfoBox
  • allow UI scale up to 200%
  • allow mass in lb, wing loading in lb/ft^2
  • fix SkyLines traffic display on southern hemisphere
  • freeze bug with LiveTrack24 fixed
  • faster triangle score calculation
  • CAI302 sink tone configuration
  • remove drivers for LX1600 and Westerboer VW921
  • full support for LXNAV V7 pass-through
  • detect Kobo model, warn if OTG kernel doesn’t match