XCSoar 6.8 released

We are proud to announce the new major version 6.8! We have been working for nearly two years on this release. There were 2,902 individual changes by 81 contributors since version 6.7. More than 11,000 people have installed the pre-releases on Android via Google Play (we don’t know how many people downloaded directly from our web site).


  • new waypoint editor
  • RASP improvements
  • improved drivers for LXNAV products and CAI302
  • driver for ATR833
  • wave assistant
  • more accurate distance calculations
  • improved EKF wind
  • support large legs in the FAI triangle renderer
  • task manager cleanup
  • menu cleanup
  • airspace warnings with map display
  • profile manager
  • password-protected profiles
  • improved support for hi-res screens
  • improved support for Raspberry Pi and Cubieboard
  • improved keypad support
  • various SkyLines live tracking improvements
  • new IOIO driver, supports OTG and Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth LE
  • various Kobo improvements
  • lots of bug fixes