What version is your PDA operating system?

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For a long time, Microsoft was quite secretive about the version of operating system installed in your device. It is easy to find out in newer systems, just look in Settings -> System -> About and the first line reveals the required information. However, it was not that easy in some of the older versions, so it might be good to know where to look. The operating systems are ordered from the newest to the oldest for I am going to keep updating this article as new versions are introduced.

Windows Mobile 5 (Magneto)

Besides a lot of different enhancements, Magneto brings also an unmistakeable graphical user interface, characteristic especially by two controls and keyboard icon close to the bottom edge of the display. It is therefore quite easy to identify.

WM5 Today Screen WM5 Version Info

Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition

A much-expected support for the VGA resolution and square displays were implemented at last (but not many other innovations). The system looks exactly like Windows Mobile 2003. For the first time, though, the system version number is included in the system information where it is easy to find.

WM2003SE Today Screen

Windows Mobile 2003 (Ozone)

This was the last “mystery” version without clear identification. If you cannot recognise the system in the first two screenshots, take a look in the Games folder. Windows Mobile 2003 includes a game of bubbles called Jawbreaker along the classic Solitaire - if you have it, your system is Windows Mobile 2003.

WM2003 Today Screen

Pocket PC 2002 (Merlin)

Pocket PC 2002 was the first major upgrade of Microsoft’s operating system for pocket devices. It carried a lot of innovations as well as a rehashed graphical user interface.

PPC2002 Today Screen PPC2002 Version Info

Pocket PC 2000 (Rapier)

And this is where it all started. You cannot mistake this primitive graphical user interface for anything else. If you see this screen on your PDA, it must be Pocket PC 2000.

PPC2000 Today Screen

And that’s all. Microsoft has not offered any more versions of its operating system for pocket computers. Well, it actually has but it’s been so long that your grandfathers’ grandfathers were only small boys then :)

Source: www.pdagold.com