XCSoar Releases

Download Data Files

Download Maps, Waypoints, Airspace, or use our Map Generator to create custom maps of your area.

Download Manual

In English, French, German, and Portuguese.

XCSoar on Android

The Android version of XCSoar runs on phones and tablets with Android 5 or newer.

XCSoar on Kobo

XCSoar runs on the - Kobo Mini, Kobo Glo, Kobo Touch 2.0, Kobo Glo HD and Kobo Aura Edition 2. To install, copy KoboRoot.tgz to the data partition to a directory called “.kobo” (note the leading dot; the directory already exists, but is hidden). Reboot the Kobo.

XCSoar on desktop computers

XCSoar 7.7 on single-board computers